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I have always been inspired by artisans and the creatives in my life, aka The Company I Keep- from my family and friends to inspiring new faces. The artists, entrepreneurs, chefs, hard-workers, money makers, content creators and home makers. I find so much inspiration in each and everyone I know. I wanted a platform not only for myself but to showcase the passion, driven work of all the people around me.

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I love to collect antiques because of the history that is encased in them. Fast fashion has no character, and is also extremely wasteful. I remember going to thrift stores and flea markets as a kid and being completely mesmerized. Recently, I have gotten into Estates Sales and I'm totally addicted. The thrill and the hunt keep me constantly searching for more! It's a competitive sport. At this point I have curated such a collection I am ready to pass pieces on to new forever homes, in hopes of spreading the idea of slow fashion and shopping, as well as embracing history. Sustainability is something we can start small with in our own lives. Every aspect of my business I work to make as sustainable as possible, from my business cards to my shipping.



About Gab

Collector, Curator, Creator

I remember the first time I went into to a thrift store and I was immediately hooked. I was very young and brought there by my mom. I just remember loving all the old stuff that was so different from the fashions of my decade. Since then I have always had a favorite thrift store and frequented it to the point where the owners knew me. This started when I was in elementary school. My latest obsession has become estate sales. I was talking to an older antique dealer and she said, "this is a competitive sport" and I love that. 

A little bit more about me is that I have been sober, clean and in recovery for over 9 years. I mention this because it has given me not only a community, but a value of community I don't think I would have otherwise. 

Again, my whole life, I feel like I have been surrounded by creative types. From family to friends. It probably comes from my love of arts and music. I think this is something that needs to be nurtured and celebrated! 

Additionally, I myself am a creative. I write constantly and love to just create things. I hope to inspire others to pursue their passions and follow our journey as well. 

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