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The Company you keep...

I always remembered my mom telling me, "water seeks it's own level". It was something that always just made sense to me, both literally and metaphorically. Similarly, I have always been someone who has been surrounded by incredibly creative and inspiring individuals. It's something I really try not to take for granted. I have friends that keep me inspired, grounded and teach me new things everyday and I believe everyone has a story.

Over 10 years ago I started a blog called Fuck Yab, where I first started sharing myself with the internet. I basically started writing my diary publicly for everyone to read and it really changed my life. At this time I was also getting sober and I was able to share that journey with the world. I now have over 11 years sober.

I'm really excited to start cultivating a space for these stories. I started Gab and Company in 2021 as a way to not only promote sustainability and small business, but to highlight the company that I keep. Community is so incredibly important. Our stories tie us together and weave us into our community.

I have my own story of course as well, which I am excited to share too. Over coming obstacles and facing my mental health head on has been a huge part of my story. I am a massive advocate for ending the stigmas around mental health, recovery and just over all dealing with your own shit. I am excited to bring you stories of individuals in the recovery program who inspire me everyday.

I truly believe we all have a story, many of us are still writing that story right now. Humans inspire me, people I barely know have touched my soul too many times to count. If you have a story you would like to share about your journey on this planet, over coming obstacles, facing demons, how you found yourself and beyond please reach out.

So excited for us to share and connect. And if you feel like you don't have a story, I guarantee you do and you are probably still in the middle of writing it.

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